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The WASTEred project aims to promote the use and encourage the market penetration of LODOred, a new and ECO-Innovative product, in the food industry (slaughterhouses, meat processing and dairy companies) in order to reduce the large amounts of sewage sludge generated in their wastewater treatment plants. The expected reduction will decrease the environmental impact of these sectors, as well as the costs associated to the sludge management.

You are here:     news and events 10.02.2010 Intelligent Energy and ECO-Innovation information day, Lichfield, Staffordshire (UK)
10.02.2010 Intelligent Energy and ECO-Innovation information day, Lichfield, Staffordshire (UK)
The 10th of February of 2010, the "Intelligent Energy and ECO-Innovation information day" was carried out in Lichfield, Stafforshire (UK), about the project development whithin the European Union funding opportunities and the available project management resources. This event was organized by the Lichfield District Council within its Go Green initiative and the main fields considered for project development were ECO-Innovation and Intelligent Energy.

On the one hand, the ECO-Innovation funding was introduced through ECO-Design & Production, Resource efficiency and Greening business. On the other, Sustainable Energy funding was presented by means of Energy efficiency, Renewable and alternative energy sources, Sustainable transport and Education, community and energy services.Three thematic workshops were carried out at the end of the event.

This information day accounted with the attendance of the Project Manager Ms. Pilar Zapata Aranda, as representative of the Spanish company BIOAZUL, S.L. , which has a broad experience in project management and coordination under European Union funding withing the VI Framework Programme (fifteen projects), VII Framework Programme (four projects), the CIP ECO-Innovation Programme and the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, IEE , within the Competitiveness & Innovation Programme, CIP, with three projects, two of them currently running:
- ECO-Innovation programme: "WASTEred: waste reduction and process optimisation in the European meat and dairy industry".
- IEE programme: "BIO-HEAT: promotion of short rotation coppice for district heating systems in Eastern Europe".